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Cylinders conduits flow rate and velocity

Cylinders conduits flow

Cylinder’s flow

These calculations can help you to figure-out conduits’ (hoses, pipes or tubes) ID sizes, piston speed, flow velocity and cylinder’s force.

Calculations Notes:

  • The recommended flow velocity in conduits you can find at the article Recommended flow velocity.
  • The assumption: if you use more than 1 cylinder in calculations, all cylinders have the same parameters (bore/rod diameters, stroke and friction)
  • The assumption: Pressure and Return lines conduits (flow source – flow divider and flow divider – tank) have the same ID size.
  • The assumption: the conduits between flow divider and cylinders have the same ID size.

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Recommended flow velocity

These values I use for my calculations when I need to compare flow velocity with recommended min and max values. I took these data from different sources: recommendations in technical manuals of Parker, Gates, Eaton and other hose and tubes suppliers.

These are average values from my collection of all supplier recommendations.


FREE Fluidpower schematic design software

For my work I use AutoCAD LT or ePlan Fluid to draw hydraulic, pneumatic, lube and P&ID schematics. Companies where I worked and where I have the work now, provide with these software, because the price of them is unbelievably high for regular individual.

One day, after reading of this article I decided try to find something absolutely FREE for Fluid Power schematic design.

All software what I found, I divided on three category:

  1. FREE Generic 2D CAD software
  2. FREE specialized FluidPower design software for PC
  3. FREE specialized online FluidPower design software

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